Flat Billed Hats

In today’s younger generation the flat billed hat is a new way to express style and swagger. Most of everyone wearing a hat has left it flat billed. This is mostly due to music performers and other famous people are leaning more towards that style especially in the area of hip hop. A flat billed hat is different from a curved bill hat because the bill is left straight as a board instead of a half circle look to the hat.

Also not only do flat billed hats depend on which generation you are include in but it also depends on where you live. In urban areas such as large cites flat billed hats are preferred more because a main focus point in a city, especially in New York, is fashion. Curved bill hats are more likely to be worn in suburban areas because it has a more of a country look to it.

Many different people wear these two types of hats but they are normally worn as a fashion statement. Another purpose of the flat billed hats beside fashion is protection. In occupations in which workers are mainly outside it is a good idea to wear a flat billed hat for protection from the sun. The sun can be damaging to someone’s skin who works outside for a living, resulting in skin cancer. These types of hats offer some protection, however to be fully protected from the sun, one might want to wear sunscreen, but that is another topic.

The purpose of this article is to give information about flat billed hats such as the origination, where to but flat billed hats and much more. I hope that this information will be of use to you and you can learn as much as possible about flat billed hats.